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ANHC offers various ayurvedic and health courses, also conducts regular morning sessions of Ashtang Yoga classes and Courses.
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ANHC - Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre, Goa, Indiaoffers courses on Ayurveda and Yoga.
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Body Constitution

Body constitution-the word denotes the compostition of the body elements. Anatomical composition of the body is the blood, bones, muscles, organs and etc.

Ayurveda looks at the composition of the body in terms of the panchamahabhutas. Pancha meaning five and bhutas means elements.

The five regulating force of the nature which govern the human body for regulating all systemic, endocrine, metabolic, functional changes in the body.

The Air-travels, produces sound, propels, transmits and it is the vital force behind all functions. Imagine yourself to be constipated and unless you pass the bowel sound there is no bowel movement.

Fire-the source of energy and heat. It is this factor responsible for transformation. Change from on state to the other. Food metabolism is the by-product of the saliva, digestive juices, enzymes, hormones which is the source of heat, a transforming factor.

Earth-the factor of strength. Which makes our built, the muscles, bones, organs which specify our body stature.

Water-the maximum composition in our body compromises of the liquid. Whether the urine, sweat, the liquidity of the gastric enzymes and etc. It is this factor which binds structures together. A clay pot comes into existence only when mixed with water. Bowels are hard if the water intake is less and so on.

Space-ether. The factor where all of them exists. The oral cavity, the respiratory system, the urinary system, the reproductive system. All the structures in our body are designed as space structure.

Air performs in space and it is this combination which helps for respiration, deguttion, systemic circulation.

Fire is a destructive force, when in combination of water performs the metabolic functions.

Water and earth give strength and endurance.

A comination of air and space is termed as vata, fire and water pitta and water and earth kapha. The three bio-logical humours, regulate the functions in our body.

The food and our life-style create imbalance in the body, disturbing the systemic functions and in turn they create imbalance hence they are called as dosha. Namely vata dosha, pitta dosha and kapha dosha.

The food factor which cause imbalance in the vata humour is bitter taste, exposure to cold and dry food. The taste of food which imbalance pitta is sour and salty. The taste of food which imbalance kapha is sweet.

Time factor is also responsible for imbalance in the bio-logical humour. Excessive exposure to sun light will aggravate pitta. Excessive exposure to dry wind will imbalance vata. Excessive exposure to cold and extreme winds imbalance kapha.

The three stages of life are dominated by the three humours. Childhood is a period of kapha, puberty is the dominance of pitta and old age is the dominance of vata.

Correct food habit and life syle balance the three dosha. Vata imbalance results in organ dysfunction viz. problems with speech, hearing, smell, vision, digestion, constipation, disease of skeletal system and more. Pitta imbalance results in inflammation and infection viz. conjunctivitis, otitis, gingivitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, gastritis, appendicitis, pnemonitis, orchitis, prostatitis, arthritis, etc. Kapha imbalance results in increased sugar level in the blood-diabetes, obesity, pleurisy, cirrhosis, etc.

Ayurveda aims at balancing the vital forces through food and life style. The five panchakarma treatment of vaman-induced vomiting for balancing kapha, virechanam-induced purgation, for balancing pitta and basti -enema, for balancing vata. Nose is the entry of the body and sesnses and panchakarma treatment of nasyam helps to correct problems of central nervous system viz. epilepsy, schizophrenia, insomnia, migraine, lack of concentration, poor memory, attention defecit, stress, anxiety, depression. Blood is an important factor and disease like psoriasis, dermatitis, varicose veins are cured through panchakarma treatment of raktamokshanam-letting of blood.

The knowing of body constitution is a preventive medicine and Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment at regular interval keep diseases and ailments at bay. This along with yogic exercises and diet management revert back your ages. We offer Ayurvedic therapeutic and rejuvenation treatment.

Vata-pitta Virechanam, basti, raktamokshanam
Vata-kapha Basti, vamanam
Pitta-kapha Virechanam, raktamokshanam, vamanam
Kapha-vata Vaman, basti, nasyam
Kapha-pitta Vamanam, virechanam, raktamokshanam
Pitta-vata Virechanam, basti, nasyam

Health profile

Health profile is a comprehensive test analysis, which includes:
  • Pulse diagnosis by the Ayurvedic Physician.
  • Detailed Consultation and Examination.
  • Pathological Investigations. (Blood Test, Urine Test, Stool Test, Kidney Profile, Liver Profile, Lung Profile, etc as suggested by the Ayurvedic Physician)
  • Determination of Prakruti- Body Constitution in terms of Vata/ Pitta/ Kapha
  • Advise on dos' and donts'
  • Dietary advise and
  • Life- Style Management plans.

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