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ANHC offers various ayurvedic and health courses, also conducts regular morning sessions of Ashtang Yoga classes and Courses.
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ANHC - Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre, Goa, Indiaoffers courses on Ayurveda and Yoga.
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For Trained Ayurvedic Professionals
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ANHC has wide range of herbal oils.For more on Herbal Oils
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Know your Constitution (Prakruti)

According to Ayurveda every person is an with an inherent constitution. To find out your Ayurvedic constitution (prakuti) please make a note of the one which describes you the best. Sometimes more than one choice may have to be made. Then click on the "submit" button to know your constitution type. 

Most people have a combination of "prakruti" That indicates that you will possess a mixture of the qualities defined in the two "prakruti". Rarely does a person have a tridoshic (all three) constitution. To remain healthy and prevent imbalance of doshas one should select a diet, living style and herbs according to one's constitution.
Fill in the following details so as to allow us to tell you your Constitution. Your Constitution will help you to live a proper life and take the proper Ayurvedic Treatment. Please tick mark as applicable:
Name in full:
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How is your Body Structure?
Short, Thin, Weak
Medium, Fleshy, Plump, Delicate
Perfect in proportion, well-built, complete, beautiful

How is your Body Frame?
Lean, Short
Medium, Plump
Large, well-built

How is your hair: Body hair, beard or moustache?
Scanty, Dry, Splitting
Scanty, Soft, Brown coloured, Tendency to grey hair and baldness
Plentiful, Abundant, Black, wavy, Glossy, Do not fall or grey early

How is your Skin?
Dry, Cracking, Rough, Black Coloured
Oily, Soft with Moles, Pimples freckles, Portwine marks and blackheads, reddish fair
Glossy, Clear, Smooth, Glorious, Fair, Pinkish

How are your Nails?
Small, Blackish, Cracking, Breaking
Small, Reddish, Smooth, Flat
Big, Pinkish, Smooth, Glossy, Convex

How are your Lips?
Blackish, Cracking, Shapeless
Reddish, Smooth, Thisn, Soft
Pinkish, Smooth, Glossy, Proportionate

How are your Teeth?
Very Small or Very Big, Protruberant, Cracking, Broken, Irregular
Medium Size with gaps
Even, Glazing, Straight, Smooth, Shiny White

How are your Eyes?
White Part - Blackish, Unsteady eyes, Habit of raising eyebrows
White Part: Reddish, Brown eyes, Sharp eyesight
White Part - Milky White, Edges Reddish, Calm, Soft, Gentle Look

How is your Body temperature?
Less than that of Normal, Palms and Feet are cold
More than that of Normal, Palms, Feet, Face and Forehead are Hot
Normal, Palms and Feet are slightly cold

How are your Joints?
Protuberant, Cracking, Unsteady
Loose, Moderately Hidden
Strong, Well Knit, Firm, Compact, well Hiden

How are your Movements?
Unsteady, like to wander here and there, habit of moving hands, legs and shoulders
Slow, Steady

How is your Voice?
Rough, Hoarse, weak, Dry
Clear, Loud
Like Lion, Deep, Pleasant, Soft, Charming

How do you talk?
Very talkative, irrelevant speech, fast, diffused speaking
Talkative, good and impressive speakers, good at arguments
Slow, Soft, Steady, Firm but little speech.

How do you sweat?
Nothing Particular
Very easily and a lot, in arm-pits, head(scalp), the body emits the foul smell of sweat
Less sweating

How is your appetite/ thirst?
Unpredictable, sometimes good, sometimes less, like to eat fast.
Good, has to eat after three to four hours, cannot tolerate hunger/ thirst
Comparatively less, can tolerate hunger/ thirst easily

What is the quantity of food and drinks that you consume?
Not fixed, sometimes more, sometimes less
Comparatively more
Comparatively less

What sort of food do you prefer?
Hot and Wet
Cold or warm
Hot and Dry

How are your stools?
Blackish, hard, once in a day
Yellowish, Loose, once/twice a day
Yellowish, well formed, once in a day

How is your Sleep?
Less than six hours, interrupted
Six to eight hours, sound
Eight hours or more, sound

What sort of Dreams do you get?
Skies, winds, hurricane, hollowness, etc
Fire, Lightning, Gold, Bright coloured (red/yellow) views
Water, pools, gardens, faint coloured (blue, green, white) views

How is your work strength
Less, gets tired after small amount of work
Moderate, gets tired quickly after medium quality/ amount of work, cannot withstand physical or mental exertion.
Good after doing large amount of work does not feel tired

How do you work?
Fast, in hurry
Medium fast
Steady, slow

How are your sexual desire and strength?

How is your grasping power?
Sometimes grasps quickly, sometimes grasps late.
Always grasps quickly and neatly, very clever, genius
Always grasps late but understands best.

How is your Nature?
Jealous, timid, ungrateful, starts any work hastily, likes to wander here and there aimlessly, less amount of wealth and friends
Medium strong, short tempered, forgiving, egoistic, medium wealthy, self respecting, fearless, brave, very clever, good at decision- making
Grateful, brave, patient, not greedy, strong, calm, quiet, soft, withstanding physical and mental exertion, gives respect to teachers, sharp memory, large amount of wealth and friends, stable, thoughtful, generous, lives long life, starts any work steadily and slowly

How do you tackle any problem?
Worrying constantly, cannot take one fixed, stable decision
Can take right, firm decision quickly, good at decision making
Can take right and firm decision with calm and stable mind but takes time.

Which are the things you cannot tolerate?
Heat, anger, physical and mental exertion, hunger, thirst, and physical urges
Can tolerate cold, heat, anger, exertion, physical urges, hunger, thirst, everything

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