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Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd. , Bougainvilla Hermitage Nachinola Goa.

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Ayurveda Clinical Establishment invites people to undergo Treatment even before they could be sick and for those who are sick.

Ayurveda treats not only the disease condition but sets balance in the body and brings the body in harmony with mind and soul. It is advisable to treat a disease condition when it is new, however mostly people seek ayurveda as a last resort. Even in these chronic conditions ayurveda offers speedy and complete recovery.
At the ANHC's Ayurveda Clinic we offer a complete Health Package. Once you decide to travel for Ayurveda, arrange for the travel and from the time you arrive in Goa by any mode of travel, leave the rest to the team of ANHC.

    Once at the Clinic whatever it takes to treat the condition, we arrange it all at no additional cost.
  1. The patient is first consulted and examined by Ayurvedic Physician.
  2. The examination continues with traditional methods and modern investigations and diagnostics are conducted when required.
  3. It takes a couple of days to arrive at the diagnosis and for the patient to assimilate with the food and climatic conditions.
  4. Upon arriving at the diagnosis, a line of treatment is planned.
  5. This will include food management, life style regulation.
  6. The right module of treatment in terms of shaman (pacifying) and shodhan (purification) is decided. This is the internal treatment method.
  7. Externally Snehan (oleation) and Swedan (sudation) therapies are conducted either locally or all over.
  8. Localized treatment and lepa (medicinal packs) also form a part of the treatment.
  9. The life style regulations include yog exercise, pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation. One on one basis of yogic therapy is offered as per requirement.
  10. Medications internally, externally all that is required during the course of treatment is a part of the package and no extra cost.
  11. On days, when there are no restrictions we take you to the serene beaches of North Goa where you can spend some time.
  12. On the other hand safe packaged drinking water, room service, room linen is offered.
  13. Wi-Fi Service is available and one can remain in touch with family and friends without exposing themselves long hours with the electronic gadgets.
  14. For entertainment a television set is available in the room along with a mini refrigerator. Air condition facility is available as well.
  15. A patient suffering from High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Overweight, or any other ailment is offered all inclusion as above. However the line of management will be in accordance to the disease condition and planned as per individual needs.

Tariff Rates

Package duration Single Occupancy AC Double Occupancy per head AC
7 days 778$ 714$
14 days 1477$ 1340$
21 days 1970$ 1783$
28 days 2520$ 2330$
60 days 4950$ 3500$

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