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We have re-opened!

We thank you for your unstinted support across the last 20 years. We are back in a fresh new space in the heart of Calangute. We look forward to serving you once again

Vaccination for communicable diseases like COVID-19, offer adaptive immunity. Post immunization the symptoms are mild to moderate even in co-morbidity patients. The curative and fatality depends on factors like age and good general health condition. The antimicrobial lysozyme enzyme is the key immunity component that fights infections. It is present naturally in the body in the forms of exocrine secretions like saliva, mucus, tears and milk of lactating mother.

Food has adequate nutrient value which is required by human body. Indian conventional food, meals prepared with herbs, spices and condiments and the cooking method contains lysozyme, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, and other essentials for boosting immunity. The processing techniques such as soaking, sprouting, fomentation further enhance functional properties of food. There are other factors including meal timings, method of consumption, quality, quantity and suitability for an individual as per body constitution and dosha equilibrium.

It says…you are what you eat. Enrol for learning. For assistance write on 9325108510