Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd. , 4/31, Porba Vaddo, Khobra Waddo, Calangute, Goa 403519

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  1. Good morning, is it possible to start a week treatments and therapies at any day?

    Dr Sunita: the itenaries of the Ayurveda package can be started on any day including weekends. The services are available from 7.30 am onwards.

  2. What is the best airport to fly to from Sydney before the domestic flight. How much is the course in Australian dollars?

    Dr Sunita: the best international airport to fly is the Mumbai- chatrapati shivaji airport wherein you take the domestic flights to goa. Check for domestic flights on the below website, www.clearfixtrip.com for currency conversion, log on to www.xe.com

  3. Dear Sunita, please can you let me know more about the staff, the centre, accomadtion, facalites etc?

    Dr Sunita: the therapeutic staff hails from kerala India. ISO 9001:2000 certified and national ayurvedic health care excellence awardee, ANHC has a team of 7ayurvedic physicians and ayurvedic para medical nursing staff.

  4. Is possible to pay buy credit card at your centre? If I decide to go by train or boat can you pick up me there?

    Dr Sunita: we accept payment by credit cards. The tarrif is inclusive of pick up from the said destination including airport, railway or bus station.

  5. Is it mosquito season in Aug?

    Dr Sunita: there is neither epidemic or endemic of malaria in goa India.

  6. Can you also tell me what the weather will be like in August - is it usually heavy monsoon and is it better to come in September?

    Dr Sunita: the weather in august is slowing of the monsoon and the start of the winter.

  7. I will call you when Im in India, on friday. I need to know if I can pay by credit card?

    Dr Sunita: yes, you can pay by credit card.