Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd. , 4/31, Porba Vaddo, Khobra Waddo, Calangute, Goa 403519

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We have re-opened!

We thank you for your unstinted support across the last 20 years. We are back in a fresh new space in the heart of Calangute. We look forward to serving you once again

The Goals of our institution ANHC GOA INDIA can be outlined as follows:

Ayurveda treatment
  1. To offer Ayurved Medical Science and Yog Science in its most pure and authentic form.
  2. To offer the best professional and authentic Ayurved & Yog Science by hiring the best Doctors and Yoga Teachers from the top most institutions in India.
  3. To be able to offer the most in the least time through multi-fold approach
  4. The line of treatment is individualized and decided on thorough examination, in case pathological investigations, diagnostics and determination of body constitution - Prakruti and Vikruti - diseased Dosha, Dhatu and Mala.
  5. To educate people of staying healthy in harmony of nature through seasonal and climatic changes in food, life style and exercise.
  6. To make the treatment accessible to every individual at the most reasonable price.
  7. To provide the Yogic knowledge which is presently most essential considering the amenities available presently which makes life artificial rather than natural.
  8. To make the treatment more enjoyable by providing friendly atmosphere and also merging the treatment with touristic activities keeping the nature as the media.
  9. To highlight the merits of this natural medical systems such as achievements of lasting cures and freedom from side effects due to the drug administration which are purely natural.