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Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Goa.

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ANHC offers various ayurvedic and health courses, also conducts regular morning sessions of Ashtang Yoga classes and Courses.
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ANHC - Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre, Goa, Indiaoffers courses on Ayurveda and Yoga.
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For Trained Ayurvedic Professionals
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ANHC has wide range of herbal oils.For more on Herbal Oils
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Herbal Diet

Your Solid Diet While You Are With Us

The equilibrium between Man and Nature leads to perfect health. The five elements in nature are present in every human being and governs every life on Earth. These five elements are in fact present in the naturally available food that we eat. Therefore any imbalance in the relation between man and nature is bought in equilibrium by the art of maintaining a proper diet.

The cooking process is the simplest, very refined, free from oil and fat. Every day a buffet lunch & dinner comprising the above, with almost 15 varieties of herbal food, varieties of deserts & a complimentary herbal wine, a dinner not only fulfilling the cravings of the taste buds but also fulfills the cravings of the body. The course of the buffet are synchronized with the constitution of ones body and its response to different kinds of food. Nature has provided a variety of food items to us, and how these herbal items form a healthy diet, is stressed here. Food cooked in a traditional manner, cooked in earthen vessels, served on leaf ware etc. An understanding of the ingredients of each dish will be in-detail monitored and explained by an Ayurvedic physician. Let thy food be thy medicine The food we eat, how we cook it, how we garnish it, is all very important. Herbal food and fruit juices are the best form of natural food. All this is based on the basic principles of Ayurveda and these principles form the foundations of the cuisine, which helps one to choose a constitution based diet, which will energize and revitalize your body and create a feeling of well being within one self.
herbal food goa
herbal diet Goa

Ayurveda describes diet, as being composed of five elements. i.e Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. The quality and the effects of food eaten depends upon the elements it contains. Ayurveda describes a meal to have six tastes which have their own properties depending upon the element it contains. These are madhur (sweet), amla(sour), lavana(salty), tikta (bitter), katu(pungent) and kashaya (astringent). The perfect diet is that which maintains our health in a natural way, nourishes the limbs and the organs of the body, makes them active and supplies whatever is deficient in the body. 

Your Liquid Diet while you are with us

Fruit juices are the best form of natural food. This is because they contain a large number of nourishing and disease fighting nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Few points of the advantages of the juice served at the Juice Bar
  • The Organic acids of the salts in fruits after chemically getting digested leave an alkaline ash by the formation of alkaline carbonates, which turn the body alkaline and therefore aid in maintaining the correct Acid and Alkaline balance of the body.
  • All fruits juices and the citrus juices in particular have the property of cleansing and eliminating the toxic waste from the intestines.
  • The carbohydrates of the fresh fruit juices are chiefly in the form of fructose, dextrin and acids which are easily digested and completely assimilated. This in turn supplies quick and natural energy which is of immense value to the sick in recovering from sickness
  • Fresh fruit juice provides necessary vitamins, minerals, metals and enzymes besides energy to the body in the easily assimilable form.
ayurveda diet india
ayurveda diet goa
A View of the Ayurvedic Buffet served in a traditional manner
A brief on few of the fruits served at the Juice Bar

Watermelon: According to Ayurveda, the watermelon is cool, diuretic, energizing and delicious. It satisfies thirst and hunger, gives nutrition and allays biliousness
Analysis of Contents
Water  95.7%
Protein  0.1%
Fat  0.2 %
Carbohydrates  3.8%
Calcium  0.1%
Iron  0.2 mg/ 100gm

Lemon : Lemon Juice is a powerful antibacterial. It has been proved by experiments that the bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases are destroyed in lemon juice.
Analysis of Contents
Water  85%
Protein  1.00 %
Fat  0.9%
Carbohydrates- 11.1%
Fibres  1.8%
Calcium  0.07%
Iron  2.3 mg/ m 100gm

Orange  Orange acts as a appetizer. It cleanses the blood, soothes bile and eliminates windiness. It is cool and refreshing. It cleanses the mouth. It is a regimen even in fever. It destroys intestinal worms and allays abdominal pain. It strengthens the bones.
Analysis of Contents
Water  87.8 %
Protein  0.9%
Fat  0.3%
Calcium 0.05%
Carbohydrates  10.6%
Iron  0.1mg/ 100 gm

Papaya : Papaya is delicious, heavy, warm, oily, laxative, and antibilious. It increases virility. It is beneficial to the heart. It is beneficial to the liver. It is a good medicine for constipation and urinary disorders.
Analysis of Contents
Water  89.6%
Protein  0.5%
Fat  0.1%
Carbohydrates  9.5%
Minerals  0.4%
Iron - 0.4mg/ 100gm

Pineapple : The ripe pineapple is a diuretic. It destroys intestinal worms and soothes bile. It is delicious and digestive. 
Analysis of Contents
Water  86.5%
Protein  0.6%
Fat  0.1%
Sugar  12.0%
Calcium  0.12%
Iron  0.9mg/100 gm

Grapes : Grapes give relief in uric troubles, burning sensation in bladder and kidney-stones. They have often been found of value in arthritis, irregular and painful menstruation and bleeding.

Analysis of Contents
Water  85.5%
Protein  0.8%
Fat  7.1%
Carbohydrates  10.2%
Calcium  0.03%
Iron  0.04 mg/ 100 gm

Carrot : Carrot is sweet, warm, pleasant, stimulant of gastric fire, dry, appetizer, diuretic, constipating and to some extent bitter. It gives relief in fistula, worms and dysentery. It eradicates windiness and cough. If taken in excess, it increases bile.

Analysis of Contents
Water  86%
Protein  0.9%
Fat  0.2%
Carbohydrates  10.7%
Calcium  0.08%
Iron  1.5 mg / 100 gm

Bitter Gourd : It is bitter in taste, stimulant of gastric fire, light for digestion, warm, purgative, soothing, and conductive to digestion. They are excellent appetizer and cure cough, windiness, blood impurities, fever, worms, bile, anemia and leucoderma.

Analysis of Contents
Water  92.4%
Protein  11.6%
Fat  0.2%
Carbohydrates  4.2%
Minerals  0.8%
Calcium  0.02%
Iron  2.2mg/ 100gm

Apple : It has a sweet-sour taste. It is nourishing and easily digestive. It is very useful in decreasing acidity of the stomach. It appeases bile and windiness, cures dysentery, and strengthens intestines.
Analysis of Contents
Water  85.9 %
Protein  0.3%
Fat  0.1%
Carbohydrates  9.5%
Minerals  0.4%
Calcium  0.01%
Iron  1.7mg/ 100gm

ANHC also conducts following courses related to food and diet

Ayurveda Food and Preparing Nutritious Meals

Course Participants:
Course is designed for guests taking Ayurveda treatment and wish to learn more about Ayurveda and incorporate it in their daily life. Ayurveda treatment is additional to the course.
Course duration:
1 Week course of 9 Hrs (Theory: 4 hours Practicals : 5 hours )
Course Contact Hours:
90 min Session per day except on Sunday
Course Fee:
Euro 200
*(Excludes accommodation and Ayurveda treatment)

Course contents: (Theory / Practicals/ Demonstrations)

  1. Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda
    • Tri-Dosha concept (Vatha, Pitha, Kappa)
    • Personal constitutional set up.
    • Concept of Agni and Ama
    • Purification ,Detoxification and Rejuvenation
    • Curing and preventing disease.
  2. Dietary principles of Ayurveda
    • Rasa/Six Tastes,
    • Guna (value)
  3. Ayurveda perspectives and nutritional value of different food items and identifying Ayurveda herbs
    • Vegetables, Spices , Fruits ,etc
  4. Diets for different body types
    • Vatha,
    • Pitha
    • Kapha
    • Helping you to prepare suitable dietary regime
  5. Learn and practical ways of preparing simple and delicious Ayurveda meals.
    • Herbs and spices for treatment of diseases
    • Ayurveda food demonstration
    • Getting to know the Ayurveda kitchen and ingredients.
    • Practical Ayurveda Cooking
To request further information and registration details please click here.

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AHNC offers with exotic taste of herbs in the form of Various Herbal Teas.To Know about Herbal Teas and its benefits
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