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Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Pvt. Ltd. , Bougainvilla Hermitage Nachinola Goa.

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Ayurveda Center in Goa, India offers accommodation facility for its patients while they undergo cure and care at the clinic.

The accommodation within the clinic premises is highly recommended since the patient has the comfort and convenience of rest and privacy at all times of the day while undergoing Ayurveda treatment session as and when scheduled by the doctor, and to avail Yoga session offered at various intervals and very importantly the right kind of food as advised by the consulting doctor.

The In-house treatment package is all inclusive.

Nachinola is a typical Goan village, graced with green fields and hills. The overpowering sense of peace is what makes the village unique. Away from the bustle and crowds of the beach, the village really has the best of both worlds, with the beaches being just a short ride away.

The ayurveda clinic Nachionala will take root in a rambling tract of virgin land cocooned in nature. Where bird call and silence are probably the only sounds that you will hear.

Tariff Rates

Package duration Single Occupancy AC Double Occupancy per head AC
7 days 778$ 714$
14 days 1477$ 1340$
21 days 1970$ 1783$

Currency Converion

This tariff includes

  1. Logistics: Pick up and drop facility from the Dabolim Airport Goa to the clinic.
  2. Accommodation: The patient arrives at a self-sufficient room with a hall cum drawing room, Bedroom with attached Toilet and a bath, a small kitchen and an added toilet-bath room. Hot water bath facility is available round the clock and the toilet is western style.
  3. Physician Service: Upon arrival at the clinic, an appointment is scheduled with the Ayurvedic Physician for a detailed Consultation and Examination. This is been followed by Ayurveda Specialized way of knowing the details of the patient condition and the condition of the illness - called as Ayurvedic Health Profile and Lifestyle. In this lengthy session, determination of Body Constitution - Prakruti (Vata-Pitta-Kapha body type) along with Vikruti - the imbalance in Dosha is ascertained. This session is able to decide on the exact cause of the disease, the systems and organs that are affected, the spread of the disease in Body tissues, the dosha affected, the eliminations affected. Upon need various Pathological Investigations and Diagnostics are conducted to come to a decision of Diagnosis. Line of treatment including life style management and diet management is established. A follow up with the physician is available on a regular basis.
  4. Line of Treatment: This includes the various modules of Chikitsa - Treatment as been laid down in the classical text of Ayurveda. Upon indication Pancha Shodhan/ Karma treatment is advised. External and Internal Medicines required during the course of treatment are inclusive. The external treatment and therapies as suggested by the physician are conducted as per requirement ranging from 1 hr to 3 hr per day. Yog Therapy: As per the disease condition and health condition of the patient Physical Exercise in form of Yog Asana, Breathing Exercise in the form of Pranayama and Dhayana - Meditation is offered in a general session or individual one on one session.
  5. Meals: Vegetarian Meals are served at the clinic in a Buffet System. This includes Fresh preparation from Green Leaves Vegetables, and the other forms of vegetable namely fruit, root, and flower. Sprouted beans fresh and dried are served in salads and soups. Corn, Lady Finger, various varieties of Gourds and Beans are offered in delicious meals preparation to savor taste buds and quench appetite. Fresh Fruits and Juices are in the offering and Indian bread types served on your plate fuming hot. For those on Diet Restriction and Specific Diet the meals are served individually.
  6. Rest, Relax and Leisure: There are days during the course of treatment when it is mandatory to Rest and Relax and not indulge in any kind of Physical and Mental Strenuous Exercise of any kind including exposure to the natural elements of sun, wind. Activities of reading, watching T.V, listening to music and indulgement of sensory organs is contraindicated. However there are days when there are no strict restrictions. During this time the clinic arranges trips to the nearby beaches of North Goa and few of the sightseeing places.
  7. Room service: The tariff includes room service on a regular basis with fresh linen and towels at periodic interval. Safe drinking water. The rooms have air condition facility and added facility of refrigerator is available. Bedrooms are with attached toilet and bathroom facility and hot water is available all day round.
  8. Wi-Fi Service: The clinic is located in a remote village of North Goa in a serene and peaceful atmosphere away from the hush bush of the town and crowded beaches. Basic Internet facility is available to stay connected.

Schedule at the Clinic

  1. A day at the clinic begins with a general session of Exercise with Yog Exercise, Breathing Exercise and Meditation.
  2. This is followed by Breakfast and a round of meeting with the Physician as per the set up timetable.
  3. Treatment and Therapies could begin as early as 7.00 am in the morning as per the time specification and stretch over the day or end by mid-day. There are certain treatment and therapies to be performed with time consideration. This will include Internal Treatment as well as External Therapies.
  4. Buffet meal is served at 1.30 pm and in case of diet meal it is offered specially.
  5. Round of follow-up and treatment could well continue beyond lunch time and otherwise one can join the trip to the beach and spend some relaxing time at the beach front.
  6. Dinner is served at 6.30 pm and before this one can join the meditation session scheduled at 5.30 pm.
  7. For those availing special session of exercise, timings are reserved.