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Multiple Sclerosis


Name : Daniel Schwenzer.
Sex : Male
Age : 29 years
Occupation : Psychologist
Nationality : UK
Present complaints : Feeling of difference in temperature in legs, absence of sensation in waist, pain in the lower back, pain in the hips, loss of weight, hypersensitivity, short term memory poor
History of present complaints : 24 months
Treatment history : Allopathic medication
Prakruti : Vata dominant Pitta
On examination : Diminished sensation in lower extremity, reflexes poor, waisting of thighs, intermittent disorientation in time and place, signs of poor memory
Diagnosis : Multiple sclerosis (Mansavrutha vata)
Treatment : Panchakarma - Virechan, basti
  Ayurvedic therapies - Nasyam, Shirodhara, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi
  Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Diet restriction : Avoid excessive consumption of bread, red lentils, dry seeds and nuts, sour fruits, black beans and other vata aggravating food
Condition on discharge : Burning pain in soles of feet reduced, nerve irritation sensation in limbs reduced, to walk good distance, feeling of strength in limbs, improved memory, feeling of warmth in body, appetite and sleep improved
Advise : Follow up treatment after 6 months


I will give an honest appraisal of my 30 days at the ANHC. First I would like to thank my therapist Vivek and Sibu whose talented hands have eased all my aches and pains. I would also like to thank James for his insights into Goan life. When they made him, they broke the mould, he is a true gentleman. My thanks also go to Julie in the office for putting up with me badgeing her to use the PC, and Mary for her endless smiles, and Rana for offering nutritious and wholesome food on a daily basis.

I returned home on March 10. By the end of my trip, I felt very good. I still had pain but the treatments helped my fatigue. Sadly though for the first week I was back in the UK, as each day passed, it felt like someone was adding another weight to my legs. That might have something to do with the cold though!! It was a shock to the system after such nice warm weather.

I feel as though I have had a full recovery though, just a minor grumble. So, in my mind the trip was certainly beneficial. I am aware though that it is a situation that will require monitoring and further treatment.


Name : Jennifer Beesley
Sex : Female
Age : 38 years
Occupation : Retired (Govt. job)
Nationality : UK
Present complaints : Depression, known case of multiple sclerosis, stress, anxiety, imbalance of body with heaviness in legs while walking and climbing steps, ears in vibrating sensation, difficulty in walking
History of Present complaints : Since 10 years
Prakruti : Vata dominant Pitta
On examination : Urinary incontinence, tenderness in T1 to T2 vertebrae, tenderness in lower abdomen, tenderness in L1 to L5 vertabrae, SLR test negative
Diagnosis : Multiple sclerosis
Treatment : Panchakarma - Basti
  Ayurvedic therapies - Pinda sweda, lepam, nasyam, shirodhara, abhyanga, janu basti
  Medications - Ayurvedic Classical medication
Diet restriction : Rice with brahmi ghee
Condition on discharge : Balance improved, bladder control - improved
Advise : Walk on pebbles, exercise - cycling, yoga, pranayama


I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in 1996. I had a relapse in March 2006, the worst yet. Doctors in England said I could expect no further improvement in my health. I am pleased to say my stay at ANHC has proved them wrong. I walked in with the support of a stick, poor balance, muscle spasms, bladder and bowel problems. Now I am walking out with a spring in my step - still a slight dragging of my left leg but so very very much improved. I feel very humble and grateful to these clever, caring people. I recommend ayurveda to everyone to help you live a life that will help you avoid disease and help you deal with the difficulties that one develops as life goes on. I am a 38 years old widow but I feel my stay here has brought me back to life. I look forward to the future now.


Name : Anita Hansson
Sex : Female
Age : 56 years
Occupation : Painting
Nationality : Sweden
Present complaints : Known case of multiple sclerosis since 4 years, heaviness in legs since 4 years, frequent micturation, heaviness in tongue (sometimes)
Past History : No major past history as reported by the patient
  Married, has 10 year old son, excessive consumption of junk food; no such problem in the family exists.
Treatment history : Patient has taken western medication and was told there is no treatment to multiple sclerosis
Prakruti : Vata dominant Kapha
On examination : Reflexes hyper; pulse 72/min; BP 144/82 mm hg
Reports : MRI reports - degeneration of tissue cells of brain & spine myeline
Diagnosis : Multiple sclerosis
Treatment : Panchakarma - Virechan
  Ayurvedic therapies - Yog basti, nasyam, navrakhizi, shirodhara, pidichil, abhyanga, reflexology
  Medications - Ayurvedic Classical medication
Diet restriction : Avoid fizzy drinks, cakes, bread, junk foods, potatoes (all vata increasing diet)
Condition on discharge : Patient left happily, had 80% result; no heaviness in legs; reflexes better; lots of energy in body and legs.
Advice : Advised to perform regular pranayamas, breathing exercises minimum for 1/2 hour everyday.


I cannot believe that 3 months have flew away so quickly. I am suffering from multiple sclerosis. When I came I had a crouch, but I will leave it here cause now I can walk for kilometres. The entire staff had been wonderful and I will miss them all. A special thanks to my wonderful, considerate Dr. Rohit who makes me laugh so often. "Laughter is the best medicine" he use to say, and this centre is really a laughing paradise. Love you all till we meet next time.

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