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Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Goa.

Regd Office Address: Ayurvedic Natural Health Center,
Chogm Road, Saligao. Bardez Goa 403511 Goa, India
Contact No: 0091 832 240 9275/ 240 90 52
Cell No: 93 251 08 506/ 510
Clinic Address: C/o Bouganvilla Hermitage Retirement Village,
Boran Vaddo, Nachionala, Bardez Goa. 403508
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ANHC offers various ayurvedic and health courses, also conducts regular morning sessions of Ashtang Yoga classes and Courses.
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ANHC - Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre, Goa, Indiaoffers courses on Ayurveda and Yoga.
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Name : Anna (Name changed as said by the client)
Sex : Female
Age : 32 years
Occupation : Agent
Nationality : Australian
Present complaints : skin problems, weight problems, gynaecological problems, stress
History of present complaints :
Prakruti : Pitta dominant vata
On examination : Weight - 62 kg
Diagnosis : Post Menopausal syndrome
Treatment : Panchakarma - Virechan
  Ayurvedic therapies - Podikizhi, udwantanam, elakhizi, pizhichil, Kairali massage, Navarakhizi, nasyam, shirodhara
  Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Diet restriction :
Condition on discharge : Feels better, feels light, sleeping good, skin problem subsided, weight - 52.5 kg



Name : Albert Burns
Sex : Male
Age : 64 years
Occupation : Ret. Engineer/ business/ Teacher
Nationality : British
Present complaints : NIDDM, HT, over weight
History of present complaints : 14 years
Prakruti : Kapha dominant Pitta
On examination : Pulse: 60/ min
  BP: 150/90
  Weight: 137.2 kg
  3 phalanges of right foot amputed, 2 phalanges of left food amputed
Diagnosis :
Treatment : Panchakarma - Virechan & basti
  Ayurvedic therapies - Valuka sweda, podikizhi, nasyam, elakizhi, lekhan basti, udwartanam, takradhara
  Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Diet restriction : No oily & fried items, no potatoes, hot water for drinking, veg diet, no sweet food
Condition on discharge : Pulse: 72/min
BP: 120/80 mm hg
umbilicus circumference: 42 in
Weight: 109.3 kg
Glucose level maintained (stopped mixtard insulin injectable)
Blood pressure normalised (stopped allopathic medicine viz. prisoprorol 10mg, olmastratan 20 mg, simvastutri 20 mg, antidiprive 5mg)
the loss of senses in the feet reverted back to normal sensation


I was a type 2 diabetic, diagnosed some 14 years, taking up to 80 units of mixtard a day and only just controlling my sugar levels.
A year ago I decided to try to turn my health issues around. So I tried various diets/ fasts to reduce weight, sugar levels, and blood pressure with varying degrees of success.

In January of this year I visited an ayurvedic clinic in Goa for two weeks and again in March for three weeks.
The approach there was through diet, massage/treatments and not particularly rigorous. The diet is easy to follow and substantial.

In the first visit I reduced my weight by 10 kg and cut down my mixtard injections from 40 units a day to zero, with good sugar control. I have not used insulin since.
In my second visit I lost a further 9 kg and my sugar levels remain normal.

Whilst this approach may not work for everybody I would like to share my experience with other type 2 diabetes sufferers.


Name : Vithal Chauhan
Sex : Male
Age : 44 years
Occupation : Business
Nationality : England
Present complaints : Overweight, stress, pain in left leg, swelling in left leg and foot
Past history : Sinusitis, bloating, HTN (occasionally), left hand 2nd finger surgery performed
History of present complaint : 13 years
Prakruti : Kapha dominant Vata
On examination : BP 140/90 mmhg, Pulse 80/min, swelling on left thumb leg, redness, pitting oedema, pain on pressure
Diagnosis : Obesity
Treatment : Ayurvedic therapies - kizhi, katibasti, nasyam, lep application on legs, reflexology, lymphatic, powder massage, lekhan basti
  Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Diet restriction : Consume more of green salads, green vegetables, moong soup
Condition on discharge : Patient came with 104.5 kg and reduced his weight to 100 kg, he also felt better with his stress levels



Name : Jane Spiers
Sex : Female
Age : 53 years
Occupation : Social worker (sitting job)
Nationality : England
Present complaints : Burning micturation - frequent (dark yellow), obesity, frequent cold, sneezing, running nose, knee joint pain
Past history : pancreactomy, gall bladder romoved, freqent urinary infection, operated for breast cancer, hysterectomy
  on medication - multivitamin tablets
History of present complaint : since October 2005
Prakruti : Kapha dominant Vata
On examination : Pulse 70/min, BP 130/80 mmhg, motion - hard and frequent constipation, urine - frequent and burning, tongue - coated, sleep - normal/ disturbed
Urine and blood reports before medication : Bacteria ++, pus cells numerous, ESR 98mm/hr
Diagnosis : Obesity with frequent urine infection
Treatment : Ayurvedic therapies - udwartan, mardan, synchronized, lymphatic, shirodhara
  Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Advice : Drink lot of water, sugarcane juice, honey + lemon juice, avoid spicy food, alcohol
Condition on discharge : no case of urine burning micturation, weight reduced by 3.5 kg, frequent cough and cold reduced, no pain in knee joints till now


I have enjoyed my stay at ANHC and have feeling nested, restoned, energized, motivated and positive about future developments in what have been very debilitating chronic health problems. The relaxed atmosphere at the centre and the same given by all the staff has contributed to making my stay so positive. Dr. Shweta Gaunekar has provided excellent care. The treatments have been generous and given with commitment. The food has been marvelous and inspired me to try to follow the ideas at home.


Name : Anita Compton
Sex : Female
Age : 57 years
Occupation : Education inspector
Nationality : London
Present complaints : Overweight, detoxification, cholesterol 6.5 (ratio)
Past history : Breast cancer, quit smoking, irritable bowel syndrome with spasm, tonsillectomy done, menoapaue at the age of 45, nucleocomedo type - grade III (no recurrence)
Prakruti : Pitta dominant kapha
On examination : Respiratory system - clear, per abdomen - non tender, bloating, motion - normal, sleep - normal, BP 130/80 mmhg, pulse 64/min, urine - normal, tongue - coated
Diagnosis : Overweight
Treatment : Panchakarma - Virechan, nasyam, lekhan basti
  Ayurvedic therapies - Udwartan, powder kizhi, lymphatic, reflexology, valuka sweda, abhyanga
  Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Advice : Perform cycling, walking, eating lighter food like soups, eat more of salads, green vegetables, pranayama, meditation
Condition on discharge : Patient has lost subsequent weight also found herself healthier than before


I want to thank everyone here for giving me my health and a sense of my body back. Thank you for making my stay wonderful. You were all very good to me, welcoming and helping me. The doctors were brilliant, attentive. The therapist who treated me were wonderful and the food was healthy and wholesome. I loved being here.


Name : Evie Davidson
Sex : Female
Age : 24 years
Occupation : Recruitment
Nationality : England
Present complaints : Overweight 101.5 kg
Past history : no personal medical history
Prakruti : Pitta dominant kapha
On examination : Sleep - normal (4-5 hours), appetite - normal, motions - normal, pulse 64/min, BP 140/70 mmhg
Diagnosis : Obesity
Treatment : Panchakarma - Virechan, nasyam, basti
  Ayurvedic therapies - Udwartan, mardan, reflexology, podikizhi, elakizhi, lymphatic massage
  Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Advice : Avoid alcohol, meat, red meat, eggs, consumption of cookies, pastries, chocolates, ice creams
  Advised for jogging, cycling, long distance walk, yoga postures like sarvangasan, naukasan, halasan, shalabhasan, kapalbhati, pavanmuktasan, shashankasan, vakrasan, konasan, nadishodhan
Condition on discharge : The patient had good results of weight loss and was feeling healthier than before. Advised to follow the exercises and postures


ANHC has been a pleasure. Geesha my therapist was SUPERB in every way. Dr. Rohit was professional, kind and caring and I feel his service was excellent and commendable. He takes pride in his work and treats his patients with respect. Also James is a ray of light. His smiles and bubbly nature light up the centre and is helpful in everyday. He makes everyone feel happy and relaxed and I loved the sightseeing day where we caught shrimps, great fun. All in all I was delighted by my treatments, food choice .


Name : Barbara
Sex : Female
Age : 61 years
Occupation :
Nationality : Germany
Present complaints : hypertension, weight problems
History of present complaints : since 20 years
Prakruti : kapha dominant Pitta
On examination : Weight - 83 kg, pulse-70/min; BP- 160/100 mm of Hg; stools-soft, 3 times; urine - normal; tongue - normal, apetite-normal, sleep-normal
Diagnosis : hypertension and overweight
Treatment : Panchakarma - Virechan
Ayurvedic therapies – abhyanga, shirodhara,kizhi, udwantanam, lymphatic massage, reflexology, uro basti, feet massage
Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Diet restriction : Consume more of green salads, green vegetables. Do meditation,pranayam,walking
Condition on discharge : weight - 79 kg.Patient lost almost 4 kg weight in 2 weeks. BP-134/84 mm of Hg



Name : Starkova Libuse
Sex : Female
Age : 65 years
Occupation : pensioner
Nationality : Czech Republic
Present complaints : weight problems, back pain
History of present complaints : since 11 years
Prakruti : kapha dominant Pitta
On examination : Weight - 97.7 kg, pulse-70/min; BP- 120/80 mm of Hg; stools-normal; urine - normal; tongue - normal
Diagnosis : Obesity
Treatment : Panchakarma - lekhan basti
Ayurvedic therapies - and kizhi, udwantanam, powder massage,lymphatic massage, shirodhara,reflexology
Medication - Ayurvedic classical medication
Diet restriction : Consume more of green salads, green vegetables, moong soup
Condition on discharge : weight 91.3 kg.Patient lost almost 6.5kg weight in 3 weeks. Patient feels very good,without pain


I feel very good,without pain,pain in my stomach is almost out,I lose my weight almost 6.5kg in 3 weeks. So its wonderful

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