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Local patients and for those who have stay facility of their own, ANHC offers treatment for such patients on out-patient basis. Charter flyers who have the hotel stay inclusive and to those who prefer to stay at their preferred stay place ANHC extends treatment to all such patients without having to stay at the Clinical Establishment.

Here the package tariff is not inclusive of accommodation and the patient can avail the entire package as per convenience of time and value for money.

Tariff Rates

Days Amount
7 $650
10 $825
12 $975
14 $1125
18 $1400
21 $1600

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Tariff Inclusion

  1. Doctors Consultation and regular or period re-assessment.
  2. Pathological Investigation and Diagnostics as advised.
  3. Ayurvedic Health Profile and Life Style - Inclusive of determination of Body Constitution (vata-pitta-kapha body type)
  4. Traditional full fleged examination including determination of body constitution. Ayurvedic Health Profile inclusive.
  5. Yoga and Meditation sessions over 1 & ½ hr per day. One can avail more than 1 session per day if allowed by the doctor. Individualized sessions are suggested if general are not suited.
  6. Internal & External Ayurvedic treatment and therapies as prescribed. This includes Panchakarma.
  7. Vegetarian Meals.
  8. Internal Medicine prescribed.

Schedule at the clinic

  1. One can chose to begin the day at the clinic in the morning, mid-day, around lunch time or early evening.
  2. Doctors Consultation, Prakruti-Vikruti assessment is conducted in the first couple of days. Regular and or periodic follow-up is undertaken.
  3. program includes yoga, physiotherapy, pranayama and meditation session. Ayurveda treatment – Internal and External.
  4. 1 or 2 meals
  5. Approx it takes 5 hrs at the clinic.