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  1. Posted on: 2016-08-22

    Wonderful Ecperience at Ayurvedic natural Health Center Goa. India

    My migraine crises are virtually gone and have dropped to perhaps one a month instead of an almost daily crises. And the great thing which sounds almost like a miracle is that I can eat now everything including the spices food products I used to avoid for many years which were responsible for so many migraine crisis such as Garam Masala cumin coriander dairy chocolate eggs tomatoes bananas kiwis oranges etc

    Aleixo, City

  2. Posted on: 2016-07-26

    Excellent Treatment and Feeling Lucky at ANHC Saligao Goa.

    1. Doctor was very nice patient and spoke good English which is very important when us foreigners are abroad .
    2. Therapists were very nice and did a good job
    3. My treatment for stomach disorder worked very well and has improved my life a lot .
    4. we felt our treatment was very good . It has definitely changed my life in many ways so i am very grateful for that. I feel lucky actually.

    Anthony, City

  3. Posted on: 2016-07-22

    Good Treatment and Service at ANHC Goa

    Yoga:- Yoga Teacher taught very kindly. I feel I need to practice more.
    Doctor:- The Doctors Seems reliable
    Food:- Food seems to make me Healthy. Fruits in the morning is good.
    Treatment:- Treatment is relaxing.

    Kumiko Ishida, City

  4. Posted on: 2016-04-20

    Feeling relaxed after Ayurveda treatments

    Entred this place with no clue wahts gonna happend. But its an amazing decision to be here. Thanks for the lovely massage- SHINILA. Awesome ambiance so soothing for the soul.
    Cheers guys!!!! Great Job!!
    Feeling so relaxed!!!


  5. Posted on: 2016-04-20

    Moulded in physical and mental good health at ANHC

    I feel fresh and relaxed. I felt treatments was very comprehensive physically and Spiritualy relaxed of mind and body. I appreciate praying in the beginning of treatment.

    Sari, City

  6. Posted on: 2016-03-05

    Proffessional clinical experience in Goa India

    Dear Sunita Back home in Brussels since yesterday after 2 days in Delhi we would like to let you know that our two week Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment in your health centre was extremely efficient and helpful. Before starting this treatment I had quite a few heath problems including frequent migraines and many food allergies and intolerances. I could't drink any cow's milk products eat spices such as cumin and coriander and miraculously in the last few days I started again to drink and eat all of the foods I had to avoid for so many years and now I feel fine with them and my organism doesn't show any negative effects. I do hope this incredible result will not be just for a short while and that I won't have any more migraines or food allergies in the future. We will for sure continue to take the Ayurvedic medication which was prescribed to us.
    Please convey our thanks to Dr Rohit and to the highly professional and friendly therapists who helped us with their skills and specific massages and treatments.
    We enjoyed the tasteful and variety of food prepared by your cooks and the free tours offered by your centre to the patients on a daily basis.

    Aleixo and Jolanta de Queiroz, City

  7. Posted on: 2016-08-22


    Hello I recently came for treatment at the start of January . Please pass on my great thanks to everyone involved . Especially my masseuses and Dr Rohit
    I amazed that now I no longer seem to have any wheat intolerance's and therefore my stomach has stopped bloating every time I eat. It has improved the quality of my life and I am very grateful.
    I have recommended your clinic to many already.

    Tony Hills, City